Wednesday, April 23, 2014
Welcome to Lizana Elementary
Lizana Elementary School serves 548 students, kindergarten to sixth grade, through 54 dedicated faculty members. It offers its students a state of the art learning environment with Internet access in all classrooms so all students can become part of the global society. Most classrooms have four computers for students to use during the school day. Students have access to a fully automated library and media center as well. A variety of educational programs such as after-school tutoring, Enrichment courses, and online curricula provide students with a wealth of opportunity to excel and achieve. Each teacher can better meet student needs as well with data warehousing resources developed by district personnel. These resources allow teachers to profile the past performance of a student and better meet the specific needs of the individual student.


Patsy Brewer, Principal

Cindy Dusang, Assistant Principal

Jonie Gill, Instructional Literacy Coach


7:40 a.m. - Class begins for all students

2:50 p.m - Class ends for all car riders

3:35 p.m. - School day ends and buses are loaded.


Mr. Henry Arledge along with the Harrison County School Board recognizes Lizana Elementary for their Performance Rating.

Mrs. Phillips and Mrs. Bingman have been implementing a two week unit of study on the story of the American flag.  The Kindergarten students have learned that the American flag is a symbol for the United States of America and that the flag’s colors stand for different things.  Betsy Ross even joined the class to discuss the similarities and differences between the first flag and today’s flag.

 Understanding that the American flag can be used for different things, the Kindergarten students performed in a skit entitled, “The Stars and Stripes Speak Out.”  After the skit, the class made an edible American flag using a pictorial recipe.  The Kindergarten students used their experiences to create various thinking maps as a bridge to informative writing activities.


 Apple Day

On September 25, 2013, Ms. Kelley's Kindergarten class celebrated Johnny Appleseed's birthday and the beginning of Fall with Apple Day. Wearing their Johnny Appleseed "hats" and with the help of several parents, the students participated in activities including apple tasting/graphing their favorite apple, making necklaces with Apple Jacks cereal and an experiment to discover if apples float or sink. (They float!!). The students ended Apple Day with an apple snack!!

Wild at Heart Animal Rescue

Ms. Farlow’s students learned about animals with hands on activities and observation discovery by the Wild at Heart.  The students also donated items to support the organization.

Wild at Heart is a non profit wildlife rehabilitation organization that rescues, rehabilitates, and releases sick, injured, or orphaned wildlife back into the wild. All hours of the day and night they receive phone calls about wildlife animals in need. They also travel all over South Mississippi giving educational programs at local schools, girl scout troops, boy scout troops, library's, and home school groups. They are dedicated to helping animals in need and raising awareness about animal related issues.


Congratulations! Harvis Smith


Congratulations! Marlow Ladner

His wife Lisa Ladner accepted the award.


Lizana Elementary School is a Title I School wide School.
The purpose is to ensure at-risk students can achieve proficiency on state academic assessments aligned to state academic standards.
The focus is on academic activities.
One percent of the Title I funds are used for parental involvement; the school implements activities that provide meaningful opportunities for parents to participate in the education of their children.
Lizana Elementary welcomes parental involvement and input throughout the school year.  Parents are invited to participate in the annual review process of the School-Wide Plans, as well as the Parent-School Compact and Parental Involvement Policy.  A copy of the Title I Plan is located in the Lizana Elementary School Office.  You can access an electronic copy of the Parent-School Compact, the Parental Involvement Policy and the Right to Know Letter below. 

• Parent-School Compact 

• Parental Involvement Policy

• Right to Know Letter

Throughout the school year, parents will have various opportunities to participate in the revising process of all these plans.  The plans are discussed and explained to parents and community members at different events such as Welcome Back/Federal Programs Meeting, PTA meetings, and Parent Night Out. 


Harrison County School District

(Part A: No Child Left Behind Act of 2001)

The No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 requires school districts to publish report cards containing certain information. The required information falls into three general areas: school improvement, teacher qualifications, and test data. A school that fails to make adequate yearly progress in achievement must be identified for school improvement. The report must contain information about the professional qualifications of teachers in core academic subject areas [English, reading, language arts, science, mathematics, foreign languages, arts, civics and government, economics, history and geography]. Highly qualified teachers are those who satisfied the NCLB criteria during the school year. The report must also contain achievement data for specific subgroups, two-year achievement trends and student participation rates.

Please contact the principal of your child's school if you have questions about this report.

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