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Welcome to North Gulfport 8th Grade

North Gulfport 8th Grade serves approximately 422 students through 40 dedicated faculty members. It offers its students a state of the art learning environment with Internet access in all classrooms so all students can become part of the global society. Most classrooms have four computers for students to use during the school day. Students have access to a fully automated library and media center as well. A variety of educational programs such as after-school tutoring, Enrichment courses, and online curricula provide students with a wealth of opportunity to excel and achieve. Each teacher can better meet student needs as well with data warehousing resources developed by district personnel. These resources allow teachers to profile the past performance of a student and better meet the specific needs of the individual student.


(Positive Behavioral Support)

What is PBS?

  • A team-based process for creating proactive, educative, and functional support systems used in the development of effective interventions for problem behaviors developed by the staff and faculty.
  • Aim is to build effective environments in which positive behavior is more effective than problem behavior.

Results of School-wide PBS

  • When PBS strategies are implemented school-wide, students benefit by having an environment that is conducive to learning.
  • All individuals (students, staff, teachers, and parents) learn more about their own behavior, learn to work together, and support each other as a community of learners.

School Mission Statement

The mission of North Gulfport 8th Grade School is to provide a positive learning environment that promotes high expectations for student success through the use of technology in the classroom and creative educational techniques that allow them to achieve measurable academic growth. We strive to have our parents, teachers, and community members actively involved in the students' learning process fostering the skills needed to make students productive citizens in a global society.  

School Vision Statement

All students at North Gulfport 8th Grade School will demonstrate academic growth as measured by state assessments and foster personal growth as specified by Positive Behavior Support data, during the 2013-2014 school year.

"Excellence through Education: High Expectations"


Mrs. Regina Lewis, Principal

Michael Weaver, Assistant Principal

Emilia Bankston, Instructional Literacy Coach

Sherry Johnson, Counselor


  •  GradeBook access is available for you to view your child's grades and teacher memos online. The username is usually your child's firstname.lastname. The password is your child's birth date. If you need assistance with this web-based resource, please contact Mrs. Edwina Sumrall, NG8 Parent Liaison, at 864-8944.  
  • Visitors/Volunteers: Visitors are always welcome! If you would like to visit or volunteer, please call in advance to schedule a date and time. Volunteers are often asked to read to/with students (Accelerated Reader), assist in school activities, and to chaperone field trips as needed. Talk to your child's teachers.  
  • Conferences: We welcome any opportunity to talk with parents about their children. An appointment is necessary and helpful in having the child's work and records on hand for discussion. Contact us @ 864-8944 and ask for the child's team leader to schedule a convenient time for you and the team teacher(s).  
  • Please come to visit and utilize the NG8 Parent Resource Room located in Room 815. This facility is available to all NG7 and NG8 parents who may need free instructional and/or parenting resources. Periodically, various parent workshops will be held, and all parents or guardians are invited to attend. Mrs. Edwina Sumrall is the Coordinator for the PPP (Practical Parenting Partnerships). Please contact her at 864-8944 for assistance and her schedule.
  • Study Island, a web-based instructional program for Language Arts and Math, is now available to all NG8 students. A parent letter about Study Island was sent home for every student. Each child has his or her username and password. Students are encouraged to interact with this website for additional instructional practices or remediation both at school and home. This program has test mode and game mode. Your child has access to both functions. Please monitor progress from home. Remember, quality is better than quantity. Contact your child's Reading, English, or Math teachers if you should have any questions or concerns about Study Island. 

McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act

The McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act is the primary piece of federal legislation dealing with the education of children and youth in homeless situations. In compliance with federal and state regulations, the district and North Gulfport Grade 8 strive to meet the educational needs of homeless students. Through the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act, the district and NG8 are able to provide homeless students access to school and appropriate services while reducing school transfers and enhancing educational stability and continuity. Some of the services offered to qualifying students include:

  • In- and after-school tutoring
  • Assistance obtaining vital records/documents
  • School Supplies
  • Medical resources or referrals (when applicable) 

It is also our goal to strengthen parental involvement and to ensure the educational rights of unaccompanied youth. If you should have questions about the services and resources available, please contact Sherry Johnson, NG8 Counselor, @ 228-864-8944. Thank you.


The WhyTry Program is a strength-based approach to helping youth overcome their challenges and improve outcomes in the areas of truancy, behavior, and academics. The idea is straight-forward: Teach social and emotional principles to youth in a way they can understand and remember. This is accomplished by using visual components that are reinforced by music and physical activities. The WhyTry Program is implemented at North Gulfport Grade 8 School. Please contact Sherry Johnson, NG8 Counselor, @ 228-864-8944, for additional information. She'll work with the NG8 administration and WhyTry District Interventionists to assist with your child's challenges in the targeted areas mentioned in the description.  


Mr. Henry Arledge along with the Harrison County School Board recognizes North Gulfport 8th Grade for their Performance Rating.

Congratulations to these students who have been selected to participate in the Jr. ACT Program at NG8!

A special selective group of NG8 students have been chosen to receive a "Jumpstart to ACT Achievement and Scholarship Opportunities" through free access to the Plato ACT course program provided by the district. These students have acquired top scores on the NWEA MAP tests given in the Fall and Winter. Their predictive ACT scores are above 21.   NG8 is so proud of their achievements!  Thank you, parents, for your support!  Please contact Mrs. Bankston, Lead Teacher/Instructional Literacy Coach, if you should have questions. 

NAACP Drum Majors for Justice Luncheon was held on Thursday, February 27th, at Isaiah Fredrick Community Center in Gulfport, MS. Each year the branch honors individuals or organizations in certain fields or community service involvements who have demonstrated what Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. called “the drum majors instinct” – unselfish dedication while living their lives to serve others. The lives of our diverse recipients will hopefully inspire and motivate the students. Several NG8 students and faculty participated in the event.




Our district has chosen to use Compass Learning Odyssey®, a Web-based curriculum, to enhance your child’s educational experience. This program is linked to the Northwest Evaluation Association’s (NWEA) Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) to provide individualized instruction. The activities are designed to meet your child’s needs based on the MAP score in each tested area.

Your child will use his or her HCSD user name and password to log in. We are requesting that all students in grades 2—8 spend at least 15 minutes of home use per day working in this program. Summer usage will help maintain skills and prepare your child for the upcoming school year.

Student Login Information:

User Name: firstname.lastname

Password: date of birth (mmddyy)

School: harrison csd

To ensure that your computer is properly set up to run the Compass Learning Odyssey program, you will need to do a system check. Go to the log on screen, Click the Check System button. It is found at the bottom. You will easily see which requirements have not been met and access the appropriate web sites to correct any problem. All green checks mean that your computer has passed the system check.   If you have questions about the system check, please contact Compass Learning Customer Support: Email: 

InformationNOW - iNOW

Harrison County School District has changed to a new student information system called InformationNow (INOW). We are now accepting applications from parents and guardians for online accounts that will allow them access to their children’s attendance, grades, discipline, etc. Simply click on the link below to display the form in Adobe Reader format. Once the form opens, print the form, fill it out completely according to the directions on the form, sign it and return the form to any school in the district with any one of your children. Once the signed form is approved by the school district, within a few days you will receive a welcome email with your login name, password and directions for accessing the INOW website.

Parent Access Registration

Home Portal 


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North Gulfport Students in the News!

Students at North Gulfport created an artistic display to show off what they learned about the Holocaust. Click here to see the news segment.





Congratulations! Denise Briggs


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NEW PUBLICATION: Parent Roadmap--Supporting Your Child In High School Mathematics Comments (-1)
NEW PUBLICATION: Parent Roadmap--Supporting Your Child In High School English Language Arts

NG8 would like to recognize both Mr. Neblett, Gifted Program teacher, and Mr. Sidney Wong, a community volunteer/MathCounts Coach, for their willingness and effort to jump start math excellence for our NG8 students. For more information about MathCounts program and participation, please contact Mr. Neblett @ 864-8944. 

Title I Part A

North Gulfport Grade 8 School develops a continuous improvement plan based on needs identified within the school. The Title I school plans include research based strategies for improving student achievement and parental involvement strategies. As North Gulfport Grade 8 is a Title I School-Wide School, this means that federal funds are received and used to assist the students in meeting their educational needs and achieving academic goals. One percent of those funds are designated for parental involvement; the school implements activities that provide meaningful opportunities for parents to participate in the education of their children.

The NG8 administration and faculty welcome parental involvement and input through your participation in the annual review process of the School-Wide Plans, as well as with the School-Home Compact and Parental Involvement Plans/Policies. A copy of the Title I Plans is located in the NG8 Front Office and in the Parent Resource Room. You can access a copy of the Parental Involvement Plan on this webpage and at the school. School-Home Compacts were distributed during 2013-2014 registration.

Throughout the school year, you have an opportunity to participate in the revising process of these plans. The plans are also discussed and explained to the parents and community members at different events such as the Parent Night/Open House, PTA meetings, and other forum. Please contact Mrs. Bankston, Lead Teacher/Instructional Literacy Coach for additional information, @ 228-864-8944. Thank you. Hope to see you at different school functions.

Please access the links below for electronic copies, or you can request for hardcopies via the Front Office.





Harrison County School District

(Part A: No Child Left Behind Act of 2001)

The No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 requires school districts to publish report cards containing certain information. The required information falls into three general areas: school improvement, teacher qualifications, and test data. A school that fails to make adequate yearly progress in achievement must be identified for school improvement. The report must contain information about the professional qualifications of teachers in core academic subject areas [English, reading, language arts, science, mathematics, foreign languages, arts, civics and government, economics, history and geography]. Highly qualified teachers are those who satisfied the NCLB criteria during the school year. The report must also contain achievement data for specific subgroups, two-year achievement trends and student participation rates.

Please contact the principal of your child's school if you have questions about this report.

 Click here to view North Gulfport 8th Grade Report Card.