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"We CARE at West Harrison High School"



All students at West Harrison High School will graduate with the skills, knowledge, and character to be considered college and career ready.







Parent/Guardian must bring all of the following items when registering their child at WHHS. Student must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian to register.

• Current address and phone number
• 2 proofs of residency (includes: filed homestead exemption application form, mortgage documents or property deed, apartment or home lease, voter id, current utility bill, automobile registration)
• Student's birth certificate
• MS immunization record
• All withdrawal paperwork from school (public, private, or homeschooled) last attended.
1. Most recent report card
2. Copy of transcript listing all previous credits awarded
3. MS state test scores
4. Discipline record

Welcome Message

Here at West Harrison High School, we foster a caring and respectful environment both academically and socially. The faculty and staff take a genuine interest in and concern for students' success.

We are most proud of the new traditions that are being established to the new campus and community. All of our WHHS leaders have made significant progress bringing forth this supportive culture by employing basic but proven principles: maintaining an open-door policy, embedding high expectations, and being highly visible on campus and in the community. The decisions of the school's leadership are made for the best interest of all students. WHHS takes into account input from the community, students, teachers, and parents. We have developed a positive rapport with students in order to be aware of their strengths and weaknesses. Our faculty and staff have also taken the time and effort to know and understand the young adults whose futures they are molding. This culture of true caring forms the basis for the success of every other effort, program, and resource and illustrates the high value placed on teaching and learning. It forms the basis for success in any of WHHS students' future endeavors.

West Harrison High School is dedicated to ensuring that all students who enter and exit the doors are college or career ready, have the desire to be lifelong learners, and can be active and productive members of our community. Our academic focus is facilitated by the instructional leaders and collaborative work environment that we have embedded here on campus. We believe that parental involvement, communication, academic responsibility, and high expectations are all characteristics that are conducive to the success of students. We welcome the community to become involved as we continue to grow and develop more traditions at our school and share in the experience of watching our students display their gifts, talents, knowledge, and growth as they move ahead in their lives.

On behalf of WHHS, we are totally committed to our students' education and well-being.

Sherry Washburn,

Principal, West Harrison High School

Pictured from left to right: Assistant Principal, Don Cuevas, Principal, Sherry Washburn, Assistant Principal, Pete Peters


West Harrison High Graduation - May 24, 2014 @ 10:00 a.m.

WHHS Graduation 2014 cap/gown/stole/tassel, etc. ordering packets have been issued to seniors. 

The total fee for required graduation participation items (cap/gown/stole/tassel)  is $54.00 (+) 3.78 (7% TAX) = $57.78.   

Money can be refunded if necessary.  Late fees, which can become excessive, will be assessed as their graduation day approaches.   

Important:  All Graduates unpaid school fees must be taken care of with Ms. Lott, WHHS bookkeeper, admin. office before graduation items can be issued.


Graduate Services order and payment


Phone: 601-898-7883 9am-4:30 pm Monday-Friday

Mail: Graduate Services P.O. Box 3256 Ridgeland, MS 39158 

From the Nurse

Energy Drinks and Food Bars...Power or Hype?

If your child requires medications throughout the school year, please read the district's medication administration policy.

If you have questions, please contact School Nurse Trisha Neumeier, 228-539-8900 or 228-539-8906.


Letter from Parent who toured WHH with a group of young students:

The building is fantastic! The use of space to promote learning is evident the moment you walked in the school. The principal was awaiting our arrival and greeted us with a huge smile. She spoke to the students about the importance of achieving academic success in elementary school. Mrs. Washburn informed the students about the opportunities that are available and how West Harrison High will prepare them for college or careers. I was super excited because I ran into many of my former students from NG7. All of these high achieving students shared their complete joy and pride they have for their school. They spoke about the challenging classes, numerous clubs, and the sense of community. The High School BETA club students led the tour through the high school and sports’ fields. They did a fantastic job interacting with our kids and provided many opportunities for our students to ask questions. They spoke about their experiences on campus and how the numerous extracurricular activities enhance their lives. The conversations were relevant and held the interests of our kids. We visited an awesome Chemistry lab where the teacher allowed our kids to work along with her students. The Spanish teacher taught the students the Alphabet song, in Spanish. We had a hands-on experience in the athletic training room. A high school student wrapped the ankle of one of our students. Clearly everyone at West has a sense of pride in their school. It was evident on the faces and in the voices of the teachers, students, administrators, and visitors. West Harrison High has so much to offer the students of Harrison County (and the teachers).

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Congratulations! Sherry Washburn was recognized as Harrison County School District's Administrator of the year!


Congratulations! Michael Werda


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Student bookbags MUST be clear or mesh.

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Harrison County School District

(Part A: No Child Left Behind Act of 2001)

The No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 requires school districts to publish report cards containing certain information. The required information falls into three general areas: school improvement, teacher qualifications, and test data. A school that fails to make adequate yearly progress in achievement must be identified for school improvement. The report must contain information about the professional qualifications of teachers in core academic subject areas [English, reading, language arts, science, mathematics, foreign languages, arts, civics and government, economics, history and geography]. Highly qualified teachers are those who satisfied the NCLB criteria during the school year. The report must also contain achievement data for specific subgroups, two-year achievement trends and student participation rates.

Please contact the principal of your child's school if you have questions about this report.

 Click here to view West Harrison High Report Card.