HCSD Teachers Awarded Ingalls STEM Grants

HCSD Teachers Awarded $9,000 in Ingalls STEM Grants
HCSD Teachers Awarded $9,000 in Ingalls STEM Grants

Three teachers in the Harrison County School District were recognized by Ingalls Shipbuilding for their dedication to promoting STEM skills in their classrooms. They were among 31 teachers and organizations from across Mississippi and Alabama who received grants during a special ceremony at the Pascagoula shipyard on Friday. The teachers expressed their excitement, knowing these funded projects will enhance STEM lessons for their students.
Sharonda Keys: Harrison Central High School Teacher

* Ms. Sharonda Keys of Harrison Central High School received a $4,931 award for her proposal “Exploring Renewable Energy with STEM”. Students will do a virtual tour of a local power plant and research how the plant is looking to utilize renewable energy. Students will use various materials to create renewable energy.
Michelle Barrow: West Wortham Elementary & Middle School

* Ms. Michelle Barrow of West Wortham Elementary & Middle School was awarded $2,900 for her project “I Like to Move It, Move It.” Students will plan and build tin can robots that will be entered in the school's robot race. During the construction of the robots, students will be able to make engineering adjustments in an effort to help their robot win the race.
Tina Abshire: Woolmarket Elementary School

* Ms. Tina Abshire of Woolmarket Elementary School received a check for $1,090 for her proposal “A Brainiac’s Connections”. Students will use models and dissection kits to compare and contrast the sheep brain and the human brain.

Congratulations to all three teachers for their efforts to find new ways to inspire their students to explore careers in science, technology, engineering and math!
2018-19 Ingalls STEM Grant Recipients

Ingalls handed out grants ranging from a few hundred dollars to $5,000.  The grant awards totaled $100,000.  Ingalls has awarded STEM grants for the last 11 years, with more than $1 million donated so far.  Company executives say they are making an investment in today’s youth, in hopes that they will come back and work at Ingalls in the near future.

You can watch the WLOX story here: http://www.wlox.com/2019/01/25/ingalls-hands-out-thousands-stem-grants/?fbclid=IwAR0UwJpZCMqZTB-43a0yxRlNY87vww1k58jFV4k95rmExl8fSVYx5dgIN0Q

You can watch the WXXV story here: https://www.wxxv25.com/2019/01/25/99000-stem-grants-local-schools/