HCSD School Registration Underway

HCSD School Registration Underway for Returning Students

Online registration for the 2019-20 school year in the Harrison County School District officially started on July 1, 2019. Many parents immediately went on the district website on opening day to register their child.

This year, HCSD switched to a new registration system.  Instead of using a "SNAPCODE" to log in, each child was given a username and password. Here are some important notes to remember as you register your child:

*A note with your child’s username and password was sent home with the student's report card in May. 

*The username starts with an “S”.

*The password is your child’s birthday.

*Register by going to this "STUDENT REGISTRATION 2019-20" link -

*When putting in your password, make sure to add a zero "0" before single digit numbers. Also, you need to include the slash "/" in between the month/day/year (For example: 07/02/2019).

*The password should have 8 digits total.

*School registration continues through August 7. We will not be registering students on August 8, the first day of school.

*School offices will reopen on July 18 and office staff will be available to assist you with registration and to answer any questions.

*Proofs of residency will be accepted at your child's school starting July 19.  Please check with your child's school for the schedule.

*You may call HCSD Central Office at (228) 539-6500 for further assistance.