Carey Wright Celebrates HCSD A Rating

MS Education Superintendent Celebrates HCSD A Rating

(HARRISON COUNTY, MS) “Congratulations, superintendent! It’s awesome!” exclaimed Mississippi Superintendent of Education, Dr. Carey Wright, as she saw the ten “A” and five “B” school banners that lined the lobby of West Harrison High School.

"A" School Banners

“Oh my gosh, look at all this!  This is fantastic!” Wright said.

“Thank you! We’re very proud of all of our schools,” said Harrison County School District Superintendent Roy Gill.

Wright & Gill Banners

It was quite a treat on Halloween, as Dr. Wright brought her “Celebration of Excellence” tour to the Harrison County School District on October 31, 2019. Mississippi Representative Richard Bennett accompanied Dr. Wright on the tour to personally congratulate the District for earning an A rating for the 2018-19 school year.

“Here’s mine!” shouted Bennett as he pointed to the banner of his alma mater, Harrison Central High School.  Bennett also proudly pointed at Pineville Elementary’s banner.

“It’s a Blue Ribbon School,” Gill told him.

As the dignitaries entered the gym, they were greeted with rousing cheers from the crowd.  Kool and the Gang’s hit song ‘Celebration” blared in the background, then, the West Harrison Hurricane Band started playing.

A Rating Crowd

Gill welcomed the specials guests and opened his remarks by congratulating everyone in the District for their hard work and dedication. He also recognized the administrative team and teachers, saying earning the highest rating in the state was definitely a team effort.

Roy Gill

“This is a huge occasion that requires celebration.  I know an A rating does not happen by accident. It’s the result of innovative leaders, excellent teachers, and hard-working students. I applaud each student and teacher in this school district,” said Bennett.

Rep. Richard Bennett

“I go to schools with the same demographics as Harrison County, the same community makeups and all.  The difference between you and them is there’s always an excuse, a reason why they’re not an A, a reason why they’re not a B, a reason why they’re not a C.  But in Harrison County, there’s never been an excuse. It’s always we can, and we will. And you have and you’ve succeeded, and I’m so proud of you.  I’m so proud to be part of the Harrison County School District.
Harrison County School District, you make Mississippi proud!” Bennett said.

“We have about 145 districts and this year, you are one of 31 districts that have earned an A, and that’s a huge accomplishment right there,” said Wright as she paused and applauded.

Dr. Carey Wright

“This sends a message across the state of Mississippi that the Harrison County School District is providing some of the finest education in Mississippi and providing some of the finest schools in Mississippi. You should be very proud that your district has earned this grade,” said Wright.

Wright A Banner

HCSD has experienced back-to-back growth. The number of A-rated schools in HCSD has increased every year, and the district grew by 10-points in 2018-19. Dr. Wright’s special visit added to the excitement and pride across the District and the Harrison County community.

Wright & Gill Award

“On behalf of our State Board of Education, and the State Department of Education, Mr. Gill, I’d like to present you with your award,” said Wright.

A Rating Crowd Banners

“It takes every person to accomplish this. I’m so pleased to be such a small part of a fantastic district,” Gill told the crowd.

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