Harrison Central Senior Gets Full Ride to Stanford

Harrison Central Senior Receives Full Ride to Stanford

(HARRISON COUNTY, MS) Seth Nguyen is overwhelmed with excitement after learning he will get to attend his dream college, without having to pay tuition!

Seth is a senior at Harrison Central High School. The 18-year-old found out this week that he will receive a full ride to Stanford University in California, one of the top-ranked universities in the world. His scholarship is worth over $300,000.

Seth is involved in several honor societies and clubs at Harrison Central. He made a 35 on his ACT, and was able to match up with his dream college by being a finalist in the QuestBridge Scholars Network program.

Seth plans to major in biomedical engineering at Stanford. Congratulations, Seth!

You can watch the WXXV story here: https://www.wxxv25.com/2019/12/04/harrison-central-high-student-receives-big-scholarship/?fbclid=IwAR1bPdCsreHKvRg9gY5ax8p9NwrDTz_6O7ZNjLRmD9DMlMzD-ULT26MI9yA

Here are excerpts from our interview with Seth regarding the big news:

“I ranked some really competitive schools so I didn’t expect anything. But the slight chance that I could get in, I was really nervous.”

“I opened it and I it says ‘Congratulations, you got matched to Stanford’, and I ran downstairs and my mom and my brother were down there and we were celebrating that I got in.”

“My mom, she started crying. She kept on crying. She told everybody else and they were congratulating me. It was really exciting.”

“I want to major in biomedical engineering and Stanford is a really good engineering school, so I wanted to take my chances and see if I can get into one of these prestigious colleges.”

“Last year was when I really started to dig into this information. Try to start as early as you can. Try not to procrastinate, you probably will, but try not to.”

“One of my teachers, Cody Eadie, he’s my English teacher. He helped me throughout this whole process. He encouraged me to take really rigorous courses, even if you might not get the result you want, but it’s the process and what you learn is what really shapes you.”

“Teachers who do teach other classes, they’re very passionate about helping their students. Just go ahead and reach out to them. Find somebody that can help you along the way, who will push you to do what you need to do. Get your stuff in before deadlines. Maybe try to find friends that encourage each other.”

“It's still a little crazy, still overwhelming. I still can’t wrap my head around that I’ll be attending Stanford next year. It’s like a miracle.”