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Curriculum is "what" is taught in our schools. It is based on the Mississippi Curriculum Frameworks for language arts, math, science, social science, physical education, and the arts. Language Arts includes reading, writing, listening, and speaking. The standards are taught using research-based instructional strategies and are presented to students in large groups, small groups, or on a tutorial basis. Instruction is "how" we teach the skills. Teachers use a variety of instructional strategies to motivate and bring children to mastery.

Harrison County School District has a spiraling curriculum kindergarten through grade twelve. The curriculum reflects state and national standards and addresses the competencies measured by high stakes testing in Mississippi. The 2006 Language Arts Curriculum Framework and 2007 Mathematics Curriculum Framework were recently revised based on input from school districts and feedback from the development of assessments. The Language Arts Curriculum Framework was revised to improve alignment and provide greater specificity but is largely the same as when it was released in 2006. The Mathematics Curriculum Framework revision was more extensive based on school district feedback and the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics publication Curriculum Focal Points. The number of objectives in the Mathematics Curriculum Framework was reduced to reflect greater focus and to allow for more depth at a grade level.

Curriculum is on-line within the district and is vertically articulated from grades kindergarten through grade eight and horizontally articulated in reading, language, and mathematics. Best practices are reflected through the instructional strategies used in the district. Higher order thinking skills, critical thinking skills, and problem solving skills are addressed through the integration of these skills into daily instruction of the content using targeted teaching strategies. Technology is used as a tool of instruction through computer-assisted instruction and to enhance skills of search and product development.


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