HCSD Gains 22 Points, Doubles A-Rated Schools

HCSD Gains 22 Points, Doubles A-Rated Schools

The Harrison County School District made another large leap on the latest MDE accountability report by gaining a total of 22 points! The impressive increase puts HCSD just four points away from an A! The district’s ranking also improved. We are now ranked 20th out of 146 school districts in Mississippi!

The Mississippi Department of Education released Performance Level Grades for schools and school districts across the state today, and the accountability results show HCSD scores continue to rise. The performance rating for each school and district is based on established criteria regarding student achievement, individual student growth, graduation rate, and participation rate.

The number of A schools in HCSD doubled – from four to eight! Congratulations to these schools for achieving their A status:

• Lizana Elementary School 
• Lyman Elementary School
• North Woolmarket Elementary & Middle School 
• Orange Grove Elementary School 
• Pineville Elementary School 
• Saucier Elementary School 
• West Wortham Elementary & Middle School
• West Harrison High School

This is the first time that Lizana, Lyman, Orange Grove, and Saucier Elementary Schools have achieved an A rating. Pineville Elementary has attained a very high ranking. The school is now ranked second in the state at the elementary/middle school level!

“The key factor for success is everyone working toward excellence. The students at Pineville Elementary value an education and always strive to grow and excel. The faculty, staff, and parents are phenomenal and continually give direction and support to ensure the students attain their goals,” said Vivian Bosworth, 2017-18 Pineville Elementary School Principal.

When it comes to grades, Orange Grove Elementary made the most remarkable jump! The school went from a D last year to an A (+139 points) this year.

“Orange Grove Elementary contributes its A rating to Orange Grove's school community (parents, scholars, teachers, and school leadership) working together towards a common goal. When the school community embraced an A attitude, A behaviors have begun S.O.A.R.ing (Scholars on their Academic Rise) through the school!” said Orange Grove Elementary School Principal Dr. D. Antrice Smith.

North Woolmarket’s high-achieving streak continues. This makes the sixth year in a row that the school has earned an A!

Saucier Elementary’s growth is also noteworthy. The school made an A with a big gain -- 115 points.

“The lesson that anyone can take away from the determination and drive from the staff, students, and faculty at Saucier Elementary is that we can achieve what we set our minds to. Staying motivated and staying on track for most people may be the most difficult part of achieving the goals. However, Saucier Elementary stayed motivated and not only reached, but exceeded, the goal set to become an A school,” said Saucier Elementary School Principal Sarah Purvis.

West Harrison High also has reason to celebrate. The school is ranked fourth on the Coast, and 16th in Mississippi at the high school level.

“Again, we are very proud of our students, teachers, parents, and staff for our A rating. It truly takes everyone in our school community to continue the success that we have experienced over the years. Currently, our scores show West Harrison as the number four high school on the Coast; although this is a fantastic honor, our ultimate goal is to be number one in the state and we will continue to Strive for Excellence,” said West Harrison High School Principal Dana Trochessett.

Several other schools in HCSD deserve some recognition for making significant progress this past year.

Harrison Central Elementary moved up two letter grades -- from a D to a B. The school grew by 119 points.

Both Bel-Aire Elementary (+60 points) and Crossroads Elementary (+35 points) also improved significantly, advancing from a C to a B.

Here are the nine B-rated schools:

• Bel-Aire Elementary School
• Crossroads Elementary School
• D’Iberville Elementary School
• D’Iberville Middle School
• Harrison Central Elementary School
• Three Rivers Elementary School
• Woolmarket Elementary School
• D’Iberville High School
• Harrison Central High School

With a 22-point gain overall, HCSD has experienced sizable back-to-back growth. Last year, HCSD achieved the largest point increase on the Mississippi Coast with a 30-point jump! Harrison County Schools Superintendent Roy Gill is pleased that HCSD is so close to making an A.

“I am extremely proud of our students, teachers, administrators and staff for their hard work, dedication and their determination to achieve. Last year, we doubled the number of A schools from two to four. This year, we doubled it again, from four to eight A schools. The Harrison County School District is just four points away from making an A, and I know as a team, we can reach this goal by Empowering Excellence in Everyone. We will continue to focus on areas that need improvement, as we set our sights on being the top school district in the state of Mississippi.”