HCSD Celebrates School Achievements

HCSD Celebrates School Achievements with Banners

Harrison County School District educators were beaming with pride as they gathered to celebrate school achievements in the district.  On December 3, the Harrison County School Board honored 17 schools in HCSD for earning an A or B on the latest Performance Level Grades from the Mississippi Department of Education. Each school received a banner to proudly display on their campus.

The number of A-rated schools in HCSD has doubled – from four to eight this year! Congratulations to these schools for earning their well-deserved A status:

* Lizana Elementary School
* Lyman Elementary School
* North Woolmarket Elementary & Middle School
* Orange Grove Elementary School
* Pineville Elementary School
* Saucier Elementary School
* West Wortham Elementary & Middle School
* West Harrison High School

Lizana Elementary SchoolLyman Elementary SchoolNorth Woolmarket Elementary & Middle SchoolOrange Grove ElementaryPineville Elementary SchoolSaucier Elementary SchoolWest Wortham Elementary & Middle SchoolWest Harrison High School

This is the first time that Lizana, Lyman, Orange Grove, and Saucier Elementary Schools have achieved an A rating. 

Pineville Elementary has attained a very impressive ranking. The school is now ranked second in the state at the elementary/middle school level!

When it comes to grades, Orange Grove Elementary made the most remarkable jump. The school went from a D last year to an A rating this year!

North Woolmarket’s high-achieving streak continues. This makes the sixth year in a row that the school has earned an A.

Saucier Elementary’s growth is also noteworthy. The school made an A with a big gain - 115 points.

West Harrison High also has reason to celebrate. The school is ranked fourth on the Coast, and 16th in Mississippi at the high school level!

Here are the nine B-rated schools in HCSD:

* Bel-Aire Elementary School
* Crossroads Elementary School
* D’Iberville Elementary School
* D’Iberville Middle School
* Harrison Central Elementary School
* Three Rivers Elementary School
* Woolmarket Elementary School
* D’Iberville High School
* Harrison Central High School

Bel-Aire Elementary SchoolCrossroads Elementary SchoolD'Iberville Elementary SchoolD'Iberville Middle SchoolHarrison Central Elementary SchoolThree Rivers Elementary SchoolWoolmarket Elementary SchoolD'Iberville High SchoolHarrison Central High School

With a 22-point gain overall, the sizable growth puts HCSD just four points away from making an A.

HCSD leaders congratulated the schools for their academic success.  As HCSD Assistant Superintendent Sherry Washburn presented the banners to each school, she told the administrators, “We are very proud of all the school leaders and your staff! You have worked hard to achieve these grades and the support you provided has made a big difference. Congratulations!”