Voters Strongly Support $55 Million HCSD Bond

Voters Show Strong Support for $55 Million Bond Issue
Voters in the Harrison County School District sent a loud and clear message that they truly care about our children’s education.  On Tuesday, November 6, 2018,  voters overwhelmingly passed a $55 million HCSD bond referendum by an overwhelming margin of 75-percent to 25-percent. With the passage of the bond issue, HCSD can now move forward with finalizing the details of the projects to provide safer entrances for students and staff, and build additional schools to relieve overcrowded classrooms.
Planning for the bond issue has been in the works for several years, due to the tremendous growth the Harrison County School District has experienced over the past decade. The district’s enrollment has continued to increase every year, from 12,877 students in 2008 to more than 15,000 students in 2018. While HCSD is blessed to be able to attract so many families, district leaders have reached a point now where they must construct new facilities and upgrade existing campuses to accommodate all the growth. 
The Harrison County School Board approved up to a $55 million bond issue to build two new schools, redesign one campus, and renovate entrances to improve the security of schools throughout the district. The total cost of the proposed project is up to $71 million. The district has committed up to $16 million toward the initial cost of the project, so the rest of the project would be paid for by the $55 million bond.  Based on current projections, the district does not anticipate this bond issue would require an increase in tax mills levied for school purposes. 

“To the voters in the Harrison County School District, thank you for your support and investment in our children.  We also want to express our deepest gratitude to all of the dedicated volunteers who have worked tirelessly to advocate for students in the Harrison County School District. This is a huge win for our students, our families, and the citizens of the Harrison County School District!” said HCSD Superintendent Roy Gill.

Here is a breakdown of the proposed improvements that will be addressed in the HCSD Bond:


  1. New K-8 school on East Side of the county to relieve overcrowding at these following schools:


  1. New Middle School on West Side of the County, south of West Harrison High School:


  1. Redesign North Gulfport as a K-8 school:


  1. Upgrade security entrances in these following schools:

          k.  North Gulfport K-8 (see 3a)

In addition, there are continual capital improvement projects that are ongoing throughout HCSD as the district continues to grow and improve. 

You can watch the WLOX story here:

HCSD Superintendent Roy Gill explains the bond issue in this WXXV interview: