HCSD Strategic Plan

 Harrison County School District

Strategic Plan 2017-2022



Harrison County School District is committed to providing a healthy, safe, and caring learning environment that is dedicated to quality instruction. Through high expectations and academic excellence, students will be productive citizens, empowered leaders, and lifelong learners.


Goal 1

We will increase rigorous educational opportunities to empower students for success in college, career and an ever-changing society.


Strategy I:     We will increase the number of Advanced Placement and Dual Credit

                       offerings. (MDE Goal 2)  

Strategy II:    We will implement a structured ACT Preparation Plan to increase  

students’ opportunities for college entrance and scholarships which will encompass middle and high schools. (MDE Goal 2)

Strategy III:  We will expand the Career and Technical Programs to include additional areas such as Allied Health and Teacher Academy. (MDE Goal 2)

Strategy IV:  We will establish partnerships with local businesses and industries to allow students various work experiences. (MDE Goal 2)

Strategy IV:  We will increase the graduation rate and reduce the dropout rate for every high school. (MDE Goal 2)



Goal 2

We will increase the variety of educational experiences for children from Pre-K 4 through 8th grade to broaden their educational foundation.


Strategy I:     We will increase opportunities for students to learn foreign languages.          

Strategy II:    We will expand the early childhood initiative with additional Pre-K4 classes to accommodate as many children as possible. (MDE Goal 3)         

Strategy III:  We will increase fine arts offerings prior to high school.




Goal 3

We will upgrade, improve and expand educational technology and technological infrastructure to enhance student learning.


Strategy I:     We will update or replace technology at all sites to increase student   


Strategy II:    We will increase the number of devices available to students and teachers for integration into the curriculum to positively impact student performance.

Strategy III:  We will infuse instruction with blended learning and digital instruction to enrich the educational experiences of students.

Strategy IV:  We will establish a plan for every student to participate in one online class before graduation.


Goal 4

We will develop a graduated plan to expand, update and improve educational facilities to promote optimal learning environments for children.


Strategy I:     We will expand CTE facilities to accommodate additional offerings and increase

                       student enrollment.

Strategy II:    We will update current facilities to meet the needs of the 21st century learner.

Strategy III:   We will explore the west side and the east side of the county for the future sites

                        of new schools.

Strategy IV:  We will expand current facilities to meet the needs of the growing  



Goal 5

All students will be proficient and show growth in all grades, in all assessed areas, and in all schools. (MDE Goal 1)


Strategy I:     We will increase the number of English Language Learner (ELL) teachers in order  

                       to meet the needs of our limited English students.

Strategy II:    We will explore the addition of specialists equipped to meet the needs of our increasingly diverse population.

Strategy III:  All students will show growth on state and district assessments.

Strategy IV:  Every school in Harrison County will be rated a “B” or higher.


Mississippi Department of Education 2016-2020 Goals

  1. All Students Proficient and Showing Growth in All Assessed Areas
  2. Every Student Graduates from High School and is Ready for College and Career
  3. Every Child Has Access to a High-Quality Early Childhood Program
  4. Every School Has Effective Teachers and Leaders
  5. Every Community Effectively Using a World-Class Data System to Improve Student Outcomes
  6. Every School and District is Rated “C” or Higher








Last updated May 23, 2017