HCSD kindergartners make gains on state test

HCSD Kindergartners make great gains on state assessment

A majority of the youngest students in the Harrison County School District have made significant progress over the past school year! That’s according to results from the latest Mississippi Kindergarten Readiness Assessment. Numbers from the Mississippi Department of Education also show HCSD ranks among the top districts on the Mississippi Coast in kindergarten achievement!

About 1,140 kindergartners in HCSD took the assessment at the beginning, and at the end of the 2017-18 academic year. The students’ average score increased from 482 on the fall test, to 733 on the spring assessment. That’s a 251-point gain!

All 13 elementary schools in HCSD exceeded the state spring average of 710, and surpassed the state target score of 681. West Wortham Elementary ranked third in Mississippi, and North Woolmarket came in 7th in the state!

Here is a look at the average point gains for the elementary schools in HCSD:

Bel-Aire Elementary: 226
Crossroads Elementary: 205
D’Iberville Elementary: 240
Harrison Central Elementary: 256
Lizana Elementary: 232
Lyman Elementary:  286
North Woolmarket Elementary: 281 
Pineville Elementary: 280
River Oaks Elementary: 222
Saucier Elementary: 286           
Three Rivers Elementary: 242
West Wortham Elementary: 300
Woolmarket Elementary: 254

The Kindergarten Readiness Assessment provides parents and teachers with a common understanding of what children know and are able to do upon entering school. Students who score 675-774 are considered “transitional readers”, which means they are beginning to read unfamiliar words by mastering alphabet skills and letter-sound relationships.

“I am very proud of the growth among our kindergarten students over the past year, and the results show that our kindergarten teachers have worked really hard to give our students a foundation of literacy skills,” said HCSD Superintendent Roy Gill. “We will continue to focus on helping the students develop strong reading skills to prepare them for the state Third Grade Reading Assessment and beyond.”