Harrison County Schools to Install High-Tech Ovens

Harrison County Schools to Install High-Tech Ovens



“Thanks to the Bower Foundation’s efforts over the years, the Harrison County School District has been able to replace deep fat fryers at several schools with healthier cooking equipment.  Although combi-ovens have been around in other industries for 20-plus years, schools are now obtaining an increasing number of them due to the evolving technology to increase flavor, moisture, and texture of food while drastically reducing calories and fat grams,” said Harrison County School District Child Nutrition Director Brad Barlow.


Over the next two months, the existing facility, which dates back to the 1970’s, will receive mild modifications to swap out the old and unused deep fat fryers with two high-tech combi-ovens. The new ovens are capable of running 24/7 with a pre-loaded hard drive of recipes developed by the school district’s registered dietitian. Corporate chefs from the oven manufacturer will conduct staff training before the units begin daily operation.


“The students and the community are much more health conscious today than when this facility was originally built and outfitted.  It’s time for a change and we are fortunate that the Bower Foundation provided a substantial contribution toward that effort,” Barlow said.


The new equipment is expected to be installed and in full operation by early October.