HCSD Administrators Learn, Laugh on Leadership Day

Harrison Co Administrators Learn, Laugh on Leadership Day

Administrators across the Harrison County School District learned about trust, leadership and building bonds this week.  About 100 principals, assistant principals, district directors and instructional literacy coaches took part in Leadership Day at the Woolmarket Community Center.

During the morning session, they heard from Dr. Debbie Silver. She is a former Louisiana Teacher of the Year, well-known author and international speaker.  Dr. Silver focused on the art and heart of teaching, the importance of connecting with every child, and how to help students succeed.  She put a humorous, and sometimes emotional spin, on the life of teachers and school administrators.

The administrators shared some personal stories about themselves during Leadership Day. They took part in an exercise in which they brought a memento from their childhood and explained why the item was so special to them. The program facilitator, Dr. Andy Parker, wanted the educators to learn more about each other, so they can all work together as one big HCSD Team.

The administrators participated in another team building activity. Their challenge was to build a tall tower from cards that can’t be blown down. It was pretty competitive!

The teams had just a few minutes to discuss their strategy, then, they had to build their towers in silence! Dr. Parker blew on each tower to see which ones could withstand the “windstorm”. 

The educators learned about boosting collaboration, building a foundation of trust, and working together to achieve a goal. It was a great exercise as our administrators are joining forces to make this new school year a fantastic one!

WLOX Anchor David Elliott will feature Dr. Parker and Leadership Day on his “Sunday Night Extra” segment.

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