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Gifted Educational Program

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Harrison County School District
Mission Statement & Philosophy

It is the belief of the Harrison County School District that gifted students have the ability and potential to excel with the benefit of a challenging instructional program provided to them based on their exceptionalities. It is for this reason, the District, will strive to provide a gifted educational program that meets the unique needs of the intellectually gifted student with educational experiences beyond those of the general education classroom. The District believes gifted students have an exceptional potential for academic achievement that must be tapped and enhanced. Through identification of the gifted student’s strengths, needs, and interests, it is possible to develop strategies of instruction that will serve as motivational factors in the gifted child’s academic progress. These strategies of instruction can afford the gifted student skills in higher-level thinking, objective decision-making, critical thinking, leadership, and a creative approach to problem solving. These teaching strategies can simultaneously broaden the student’s scope of knowledge and afford the student with independent study skills that will serve the student throughout his or her academic life. The Harrison County School District is committed to the motivation and guidance of gifted students through enriched, quality education.